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Morning Photo Shoot at Fox lake Park

Posted by Dean Pettit on 15. March 2012 with No Comments

Morning at Fox lake Park, Titusville, FloridaTuesday seemed like it was finally going to be a decent morning for photography, no wind, stars in the early morning sky and the eastern horizon was starting to glow.  In fact I was already running a little late so I quickly drove to one of my locally favorite photography spots, Fox lake Park in Titusville Fl. I had recently been there and managed to get a nice head shot of a Sand Hill Crane, but other than that the day had been overcast and a dull grey. Upon arrival I quickly got out of the car, set my camera and began to shoot. After shooting a few shots of the sun coming up I spotted movement down the shoreline of the lake, a feeding Limpkin.


Limpkins, Sand Hill Cranes at Fox Lake Park.

Posted by Dean Pettit on 10. March 2012 with 1 Comment

Fox Lake Sunrise through the Cypress TreesThe grey clouds already evident approaching sunrise did not provide much hope for engaging in my favorite genre of photography, landscape and scenic photography, but my chosen destination for the morning, Fox Lake Park here in Titusville, Florida does offer a few other options. With a resident population of Limpkins probing the shorelines and a pair of almost tame Sand-Hill Cranes in residence, maybe it was a chance to add some shots of these to my portfolio.  Upon arriving at the park I followed the one –way road that follows Fox Lake’s shoreline to the first point, spotting one Limpkin probing for mussels and a bit farther down, the pair of Cranes walking through the parks picnic grounds towards the lake. (Note; the image at left is from my archives) (more…)

Birds at the Blue Heron Wetlands

Posted by Dean Pettit on 1. March 2012 with No Comments

Birds of the Blue Heron Water Reclamation Facility and Wetlands, Titusville, Florida, February 29th 2012; 

Wetlands of the Blue Heron Wetlands Facility, Titusville, FloridaI’m more of a landscape photographer than anything else, but occasionally I do like to photograph birds and other wildlife, and for this one of the top spots in the area is the Blue Heron Wetlands Facility, an artificial wetlands engineered for the treatment of waste-water belonging to the City of Titusville. This morning was heavy with fog and overcast, and I love photographing wetlands in the fog, especially if you get a moment where the sun breaks through and illuminates the fog over the wetlands, creating a beautiful other-worldly effect, and it was with this hope that I loaded my Nikon DSLR into the car and drove to the facility. If not, I would just concentrate on getting close-ups of wetlands birds, leaving the sky out of the photo. (more…)